Personalization Strategies for Local Marketers“You need to be personalizing & delivering communications across any channel your customer or prospect expects to engage your brand,” says Ian Michiels, Prinicipal & CEO at Gleanster Research.

“Easier said than done,” you respond.

“Not so fast,” counters Ian… “There are ways to make this happen quickly and easily. You can streamline your marketing efforts AND customize messages for each customer.  And this is essential for any company looking to grow their marketing efforts and bottom line.”

Imaginary conversation? Yes.

Truth in fiction? Without a doubt.

Local Marketing Defined

In case you were wondering, local marketing IS different from national brand marketing. Localized marketing (also known as distributed marketing), refers to national brands with local sales and/or marketing entities who also represent the brand (i.e. distributors, franchisees, agents, affiliates, producers, agencies, etc.). So, instead of, but more often in addition to, a centralized corporate marketing department, local agents often produce and/or send marketing messages as well. As you could probably guess, this can cause huge problems for corporate marketers…

 The Problem with Personalization

Marketers with a localized marketing model face a wealth of challenges, which we will be discussing in a soon-to-be published new post, but fragmented technologies, brand consistency and audience segmentation top that list. But to get us started, Ian Michiels & Gleanster recently produced a new video following our most recent co-hosted webinar. Watch and stay tuned for the next in our series on the “Problem with Personalization.”

Watch Ian Michiels discuss Turnkey Personalization Strategies in Localized Marketing.

About the Experts

The team at Gleanster Research spends their days scouring the industry landscape, researching and analyzing to help business leaders make informed decisions. In their words, they “benchmark best practices in technology-enabled business initiatives, delivering actionable insights that allow companies to make smart business decisions and match their needs with vendor solutions.”

We are proud to have been able to work with Gleanster’s thought leaders on multiple occasions, most recently with Ian Michiels on a co-hosted webinar, “5 Critical Multi-Channel Marketing Personalization Strategies.”  This webinar followed the release of the Gleanster 2014 Localized Marketing Automation Gleansight Report, where Distribion scored in the “Best” categories for “Overall Value,” “Ease of Deployment,” and “Ease of Use.”