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If you have been following our advice, you should  already have some incredible content on your different digital channels,  and that is half the battle. Now it’s time to learn from what you’ve posted on those social media accounts specifically to produce even more engaging content. As you become more savvy to the ways of social media marketing, you should start to think beyond individual campaigns to a holistic brand strategy.

What will contribute to long term success (and a bigger digital budget) will come down to whether you can prove the worth of your marketing efforts through cold hard data. But with so much data available about your efforts, which metrics are truly important to the long-term success of your social media campaigns?

You are one heck of a marketer, and now you can prove it! Here are our list of 8 KPIs that are important to measure not only when quarterly reporting is due, but when you start planning future advertising dollars.

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An effective social media marketing strategy starts by defining your goals based on actual metrics to measure your process. We know there are many variables to consider when launching your next social media campaign, but if you are looking for lasting success, you’ll need to cultivate your audience by learning from your past and striving to reach the goals of your future.


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