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Lead generation is a powerful result of any successful marketing campaign, but growing a customer base of inbound leads can be challenging. Sometimes the true test is finding new potential customers in a specific demographic or area, particularly niche audiences in small geographic settings.

It’s especially frustrating when you know exactly the type of audience you want to target, but have no way of distinguishing those prospects from the masses.

Distribion’s Prospect Finder tool allows marketers to target unique audiences based on demographics and behavioral attributes allowing you to find the right audience for every brand.

Watch the video to see how the Prospect Finder is making an impact in lead generation as the cornerstone of Distribion’s targeted email marketing solution and as a key component of the complete distributed marketing automation platform.

Read the recent press release to find out more information on the Prospect Finder announcement.

Distribion Announces New Premium Prospect Finder Tool_Read the press release

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