Another Distributed Marketing Software Benefit: Dynamic Campaign Assembly & Personalization

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According to IDC, over 40% of marketing assets are never used by sales teams because they either can’t find them, are in the wrong format or are too hard to customize.  In addition, research conducted by the CMO Council found that over 40% of a sales rep’s time is spent creating and customizing sales and marketing materials.  Translated, that equates to over three months of lost productivity per rep each year!  (Additional marketing statistics can be found by viewing this infographic titled: The Rise of Distributed Marketing).

Perhaps these statistics help explain why potential customers of Distribion get so excited when they see how Distribion’s distributed marketing platform dynamically generates and delivers both corporate and local campaigns that integrate a series of personalized assets all from one single click.  Distribion refers to this capability as “Dynamic Campaign Assembly and Personalization”.

One of the basic value propositions of a Distributed Marketing Software Platform is its ability to allow organizations to centralize their content and assets while also empowering local users to personalize and distribute those materials to their respective customers and prospects.  Unfortunately, many distributed marketing solutions on the market today are time consuming and cumbersome because they require users to go through numerous steps in order to locate, personalize, customize and distribute materials.  If there is one thing that most marketers will agree on it’s the need to provide sales reps, agents and partners with the fastest and easiest way to do something otherwise adoption just won’t happen.  In platform demonstrations, prospective clients quickly see that Distribion’s Distributed Marketing Platform has been built with this in mind.

Once logged into the platform, a field sales rep selects a marketing campaign asset and the Distribion solution automatically adjusts and personalizes content based upon sender profile information.  With just one click, the platform generates a personalized offer, brochure or microsite that is ready for distribution and includes the sales reps contact information, social media handles, head shot photo, biography, designations and other relevant information.  In addition, once the sales rep selects a contact distribution list, the platform personalizes content even more by automatically merging designated recipient information into the content to truly personalize the one-to-one message.  Should administrators wish to allow platform users to manually select and customize content, there are dozens of easy-to-use content options that can be incorporated into templates as well.  The image below shows what a simple example might look like:

Distributed Marketing Template Sample

One click automated personalization is certainly valuable, but more importantly, Distribion’s Distributed Marketing Platform makes the field sales rep experience as easy and fast as possible.  With Distribion’s Dynamic Campaign Personalization feature, all sender, recipient and customization data is stored and automatically applied to any other materials that might be associated with any singular outbound campaign.  For example, you’ll notice in the e-mail template above, that this particular message contains a link to a landing page.  Upon receiving the e-mail and clicking the link, the recipient is taken to a microsite or landing page that reflects the recipient’s information as well as that of the sender that initiated the message.  The microsite typically contains links to other materials such as brochures, proposals, videos, presentations and more that contain personalization: in essence, “dynamically applying” all previously determined personalization and customization criteria to all assets that are part of the campaign.  The following video below titled “Microsite and Landing Page Management with Distribion’s Distributed Marketing Platform” illustrates this concept:

In the above example, the field sales rep simply sends one personalized message but the recipient receives a personalized e-mail, microsite, brochure, video, presentation and more. Dynamic Campaign Personalization dramatically improves field sales and marketing efficiencies, as well as helps deliver better response rates through highly personalized marketing experiences. Many clients that leverage Distribion’s Distributed Marketing Platform have:

  • Improved marketing efficiencies by over 25%
  • Reduced sales support costs by 10%
  • Improved sales conversions by over 10%

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