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No matter the size or budget of your brand, the number one goal for marketing professionals should be reaching as many of the right people as possible, transitioning or nurturing those connections into leads, and then turning them into loyal, life-long customers. Yet on social media (unless you pay top dollar for targeted advertising campaigns), you are limited to only reaching as many connections as you have brand followers.

So what do you do to reach more connections organically? Even the most elite and clever marketers are forced to rely on whether their content is seen and shared by the right audience or if the content is thought provoking enough to attract the attention of their connections. If you have ever shared anything on social media, you know how great it feels when your post is liked, favorited, or retweeted because you know that your post is now going to have a larger audience as it shows up on your connections’ newsfeeds, increasing impressions and the chance for organic engagement.

But what if you didn’t have to rely solely on audience engagement to expand your brand reach exponentially by optimizing the resources you already have at your disposal?

Some brands have cracked the code to organic brand reach through what we call On Behalf Of Social Media Marketing. In a nutshell, brands can now deliver approved corporate messaging not only to the brand’s connections, but to all their local sales agents’ (or franchisees, or local producers, or anyone who opts in) friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and my favorite for B2B marketing – LinkedIn.

Interested in the details? We’ve created a 2-minute video that outlines the eight steps for you to get to know O.B.O. Just click the play button, and if you have any questions, you can simply contact us, and one of our social media experts will get in touch with answers.

Cracking the Code to Organic Brand Reach