Create. Capture. Convert. Email Training Courses: Chapters 1-2

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Want to create emails your readers will love and be able to prove your success?

Introducing the Create. Capture. Convert. video training course on email marketing. Available free of charge and on-demand, these short step-by-step video courses will cover the essential elements of creating emails that convert, best practices for subject line copy and email design, and important reader responses that accompany successful email campaigns.

Get to know the courses

Chapter 1: Acquire and Retain Customers with Email (5:45)

  • Every company uses email in a different way, but there are a near infinite number of types of emails that marketers can send.

Chapter 2: Stay Out of the SPAM Folder (6:01)

  • The first thing that signals a successful email campaign is that the reader sees the email in the inbox, not their SPAM folder.

Coming Soon

Chapter 3: Find the Right Time to Send (Coming Soon)

  • Morning or night? Send-time optimization is a hot button topic for email marketing and for good reason.

Chapter 4: Maximize the Impact of Subject Lines and Pre-Header Copy (Coming Soon)

  • Increase your email open rates with these tips on subject lines and pre-headers.

Chapter 5: Design with Your Mobile Reader in Mind (Coming Soon)

  • Good design keeps your readers around and leaves them wanting more.

Chapter 6: Write Content that Converts (Coming Soon)

  • Best practices to brand messaging helps your readers understand exactly what the email is offering and clear direction on what to do next.

What can you learn in 10 minutes?

Whether you are new to email or want to expand your marketing expertise, watch the first two chapters and increase the deliverability of your next email campaign.

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Stay tuned next week for the release of chapters three and four. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter and receive marketing trends, videos, news, infographics, budgeting templates, quizzes and more in your inbox every week.

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