Distribion, Inc. Unveils First Social Media Marketing Bundling Capability to its Multi-Channel Marketing Automation Platform

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According to Tim Storer, CEO of Distribion, Inc., a leading provider of multi-channel marketing automation software for large enterprises in regulated industries, “Recent advancements in communication technology continues to grow at unprecedented rates leaving marketers struggling to communicate effectively with clients, and feeling overwhelmed at how to use the new modes of communication successfully while also adhering to compliance standards.”

To meet these challenges, Distribion announced this month the release of its new social media marketing bundling capability, which has been added to the Distribion distributed marketing platform. Clients will be able to test this marketing automation approach to social media sites this fall as part of the company’s proven Quick Start Program.

Distribion’s multi-channel marketing automation software connects corporate and local marketers within large enterprises through a user-friendly interface that provides an on-demand, web-accessible way to use branded, pre-configured campaign collateral that can be customized and distributed over multiple channels including email, direct mail, microsites, and social media.

The new Social Media Bundle, which is a first of its kind for marketers in regulated industries, allows marketers to publish social media marketing campaigns, consisting of numerous content posts with links to rich media and other supporting collateral, out to local marketers through a new social media tool that will post the content to selected sites at designated timed intervals.  This new approach automates entire social media process while allowing the corporate enterprise to remain compliant and gain insight through centralized campaign reporting.

To read the full story:  Distribion.com