Distributed Marketing Management: A Big Focus Among Top Performers

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Back in March, we partnered with the Aberdeen Group regarding a research report on empowering local marketing through distributed marketing best practices. The report just came out and is titled Distributed Marketing Management: Think Global, Market Local.

The report is packed with some great information and statistics that highlight the direct correlation between companies that excel in the area of Marketing Lead Management and their use of distributed marketing management practices.

A PDF of the entire report is available for free download, but we’ve gone ahead and summarized some of the findings regarding top performing companies surveyed in the area of Marketing Lead Management:

  • 67% of Best-in-Class respondents claim to have a strategy to centralize marketing functionality while also empowering local offices to conduct marketing efforts within corporate brand and regulatory compliance policies.
  • Best-in-Class companies are more than twice as likely to allow those outside of corporate marketing to selectively edit and customize content to align with local interests. For example, providing a local agent or franchisee with the ability to select offers and images that will appear in designated sections of campaign materials.
  • Best-in-Class companies are significantly more likely to have the ability to make sweeping global style and content changes across all sales and marketing assets.
  • Top performers were 22% more likely to have a distributed marketing technology in place that allows for “on behalf of” (Distribion refers to this as “OBO”) marketing capabilities. OBO (on behalf of) marketing is when the organization allows its local marketing personnel to simply opt-in to campaigns and then rely on the corporate entity to execute campaigns on their behalf. Often times, this can be a good option for local personnel that lack the time or experience to conduct their own marketing efforts.
  • Best-in-Class companies are 23% more likely to ensure that marketing conducted at the local level is in compliance with corporate policies.
  • Best-in-Class companies are 28% more likely to leverage multichannel campaigns. Interestingly enough, top performers in this area are just now starting to provide support to local marketers regarding social media now that distributed social media marketing tools are beginning to come available.

Regarding technology, one interesting trend was that 62% of top performers in the area of Marketing Lead Management that had previously deployed a Marketing Asset Management solution were three times more likely to eventually progress move on to implement a distributed marketing solution. This suggests that Marketing Asset Management eventually evolved into Distributed Marketing Asset Management.

In short, top performers excelling in the area of Marketing Lead Management are leveraging some type of distributed marketing technology or Distributed Marketing Platform to bridge the gap between corporate marketing and local marketing.

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