Distributed Marketing Gleanster Research Deep Dive

– Distributed Marketing Gleanster Research Deep Dive –  

Gleanster Research recently published a new white paper that provides insight into why leading organizations have begun implementing distributed marketing platforms to outperform their competitors.  The new paper titled “How Top Performing Distributed Marketers Power Multi-Channel Marketing” cites numerous interesting statistical findings, but one of the most compelling findings was that top performing organizations were seven times (7X) more likely to have invested in a distributed marketing software platform.

Additionally, the report provides great detail on the major challenges for distributed marketing and sales functions as well as the associated opportunities.  These include:

  • Corporate Control vs. Local Autonomy
  • Redundant Technologies
  • Channel & Data Proliferation
  • Embracing Emerging Channels
  • Shifting Consumer Demographics

The report also goes on to discuss how multi-channel distributed marketing platforms are uniquely qualified to help organizations overcome these challenges as opposed to more traditional multi-channel software solutions.  The report describes in detail the various components that make up a distributed marketing platform and how they operate uniquely to support organizations that leverage a distributed marketing strategy, including:

  • Campaign Execution
  • Multi-Channel Integration
  • Dynamic Templates
  • Contact Management
  • Preference Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Measurement & Analytics
  • Co-Op Spend Management

Click to receive a free copy of this white paper courtesy of Distribion.