Distributed Social Marketing a Critical Component for Organizations to Optimize Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing professionals continue to actively add in social media to compliment and reinforce their ongoing marketing campaigns. In fact, 65% of these individuals will integrate some aspect of social marketing in the months to come. As sales and marketing professionals work to balance the growing need for social media in their everyday business activities, they are realizing that the challenges associated with doing this effectively keeps them from maximizing this powerful marketing tool.  The biggest challenges marketing professionals face include a lack of time, a lack of training, the inability to produce relevant content, and company policies addressing compliance concerns.

To solve these challenges, organizations are beginning to leverage a new concept known as Distributed Social Marketing, where corporate marketers utilize specialized online software to manage the entire social media automation publishing process throughout the organization.

A distributed social marketing platform allows corporate marketing and local sales forces to post consistently to their social networks, and utilize engaging, pre-approved, compliant-controlled content.  With corporate marketing scheduling these posts, local field support can opt-in to a campaign and the specialized software posts the content to the selected sites at these designated time intervals on their behalf, thus automating the entire social media process.  Distributed social marketing offers endless benefits to the corporate and local marketer.

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