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Did you know?

Lead nurturing emails get four to ten times the response rate compared to standalone email blasts!

Why is that, you ask? Because a reader in a  trigger-based, targeted, nurturing marketing campaign is more likely to be interested in and respond to a brand’s message.

Strike while the iron’s hot

Also known as drip campaigns, lead nurturing email marketing urges your audience to get to know your brand over time with the right messages for their needs at the right time.

A successful nurturing campaign starts by targeting low-to-relatively-uninterested readers and transforms them into inquisitive and highly qualified sales leads. The goal of the campaign is to determine and segment interested readers and motivate them to take an action no matter where they lie on their customer journey.

In a recent study done by Jupiter Research, segmenting your audience and guiding them toward a relevant message can strengthen the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Automated drip campaigns that segment your audience and use adaptive messaging have proven to be a powerful component to brand strategy. In fact, according to the same source, relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue and a 5% greater click-through rate than standard broadcast emails.

Practice what you preach

We followed our own best practices in a recent email drip campaign for a client in the automotive industry. Highly planned and expertly executed emails were automated to send based on one simple reader interaction. The interaction? Whether or not the reader chose to open the email. Explained and illustrated in depth in client success story below, the three week drip campaign successfully increased brand exposure.

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Stay tuned for more information on nurturing and our new “Create Your Own Drip Campaign” template set to release in May.

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