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I can tell a stranger almost everything about you. I can accurately give a detailed description of your day – from the time I wake you up until the time I dog-ear the page of your book at night. I am your mailbox and your morning paper. I can sing just the right song for your commute to work, call you a cab (or UBER) or find the perfect recipe if you feel like staying in and having a home-cooked meal.

Alright, you get the idea. You take your cell phone everywhere. It is your constant companion and ultimate guide to the digital world. From the time you wake to the time you go to bed at night, your mobile device is there.

That’s why there’s no doubt that the growing move to mobile is an essential element to consider when creating your brand’s next email campaign, but to what extent could your audience’s demographics determine your mobile success?

Reader Age

Do younger audiences use mobile more? Yes! According to Consumer Barometer, younger audiences tend to access the internet more frequently using their smartphone than older viewers who prefer using a computer. Millennials are the dominant mobile generation, and it’s crucial when targeting them to test the mobile responsiveness of your email campaigns.

Mobile Email Opens Based on Age

Source: Consumer Barometer

Reader Location

In states like California, Texas, New York and Florida, over 50% of the population opens emails on their smartphone versus traditional methods. Open rates on desktops are in steady decline and continuing to decrease every year, so it’s a smart move to make sure all emails you send work on all types of mobile devices.

Desktop vs Smartphone Map

Source: Movable Ink – US Consumer Device Preference Report

Location-based elements including store addresses and telephone numbers should be clickable and linked to online map directories straight from the email. Don’t forget: no matter if your readers are in Honolulu or Indianapolis, mobile responsive landing pages should be linked to your email offer to attract online shoppers while on the move. Your readers have opened the email; now make it easy for them to convert.

Reader Industry

Let’s do a quick experiment. Take a look at the inbox on your smartphone and see how many different companies send you targeted emails every day. My inbox is cluttered with offers that include everything from discounts on my next oil change to movies hitting the box office next Friday to suggestions for where I should travel this summer.

Throughout the last few years I have joined a mailing list here and there, and now I find myself bombarded with emails – some of which I feel comfortable with opening or deleting right away on my smartphone, while others require some time on my desktop where I feel more secure. It’s no surprise that some verticals perform better on mobile devices for various reasons. According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report, industries like retail and entertainment have a higher mobile open rate than non-profit and automotive verticals.

Where does your brand fall?

Desktop vs Smartphone by Industry

Source: Movable Ink – US Consumer Device Preference Report

Your readers’ dependence on mobile will continue to rise. To be successful, you have to understand the demographics of your readers to reach them most effectively on the right device.

Can you get to know your audience as well as their cell phone does?


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