Email Reporting 101 – Your Guide to Email KPIs

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Understanding Email Reporting

Email marketing is a unique advertising vehicle in that it is one of the most comprehensively analyzed medium available. With email marketing, brands can send ultra-targeted campaigns based on their audience or readers’ behaviors to develop powerful marketing initiatives.

To perform well, an email must resonate with your target demographic’s attributes and reach a reader when he or she is most likely and willing to read it. Reviewing metrics like open and click-through-rate or hard bounce totals can give a more accurate description of how your readers are receiving your marketing message.

Key Performance Indicators

Campaign Monitor and Regalix recently reported that 95% of companies using a marketing automation platform are taking advantage of email marketing. With such a staggering number of companies using this channel, it’s more important than ever for marketers to truly understand how to maximize their investment in email. A shallow understanding of how email analytics work can dramatically impact the success of  future campaigns; if you’re not learning from your mistakes and successes through a thorough analysis of campaign reporting, you’re missing out on an opportunity to improve your marketing initiatives.

Decode your email platform’s analytics with our Email Reporting 101 guide.

Download the guide below and get to know your email reporting a little better so you can start building more effective campaigns.

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