5 Critical Multi-Channel Marketing Personalization Strategies

Hosted by Gleanster Research

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Personalization remains an elusive challenge for marketers in 2014.  But for national brands supported by a corporate marketing department AND a network of local entities/affiliates, challenges with personalization are amplified by fragmented technologies, redundant marketing spend, and issues with brand compliance.  While local marketers may be in the best position to personalize the brand for local target audiences, they may not have the tools, skills, or resources to act accordingly.   For industries like financial services, insurance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and pharmaceuticals, top line growth is heavily dependent on establishing a trusted relationship with customers.  But how? It’s 2014, but 78% of marketers in these industries support legacy marketing technologies or processes put in place decades ago – and personalization is more of a pipe-dream than a reality.  Maybe it’s time to revisit the concept of personalization.

Join us on Tuesday, August 5th with Ian Michiels of Gleanster Research for a webinar on turnkey personalization in local marketing. 

You’ll learn:

  • How Top Performing organizations support personalization in localized marketing
  • The role of technology in 2014, and innovations that are literally making personalization turnkey
  • Trends and emerging tactics to watch out for over the next 1-3 years
  • Practical advice for improving your marketing personalization effortsRegister Now for the Turnkey Personalization in Local Marketing

Ian Michiels

About the Host 

Ian Michiels is the Principal & CEO at Gleanster Research.  Michiels is a recognized thought leader and accomplished speaker with a wide body of thought leadership on sales and marketing technology adoption, demand generation, marketing operations, and the customer experience.  Michiels is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been published and quoted extensively in top-tier media. He has worked as an advisor to executives at globally known brands like Nike, Sears, T.Rowe Price, Caesars International, and hundreds of up-and-coming startups.