KBM Group Announces Partnership with Distributed Marketing Software Provider Distribion to Provide Integrated Marketing Solution to Fields Sales Reps and Agents

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KBM Group partners with Distributed Marketing Provider DistribionKBM Group has entered a strategic partnership with Distribion, a leading provider of on-demand, web-based, multi-channel marketing automation solutions for distributed marketing organizations.

Tom Young, KBM Group’s Executive Vice President of Client Services, says, “In today’s digital and personal-technology marketplace, companies need to be nimble in how they engage with consumers and policyholders. In industries such as insurance that are regulated and rely on agent networks, the challenge is how to maintain a productive three-way dialog among the primary product or service provider, their field channels, and consumers that ensures compliance – as well as gathers measurement and feedback to create responsive marketing strategies. With the addition of Distribion’s distributed marketing capabilities to our comprehensive solutions, we can create customer engagement ecosystems that deliver end-to-end marketing that is centrally controlled, locally implementable, brand compliant, and enforces regulatory compliance.”

See full story: KBM Group Partners with Distributed Marketing Software Provider Distribion to Provide Integrated, Strategic Marketing to Field Sales Reps and Agents – Enhances, centralizes marketing to regulated industries, such as insurance and financial services