According to The CMO Council, over 61% of marketers surveyed ranked the need to better localize content and messaging a high priority in 2013.   The shift to a more local marketing messaging tactic has certainly been heavily influenced by the social media revolution as consumers and prospects look for recommendations from trusted sources within their local communities and networks.  An organizations ability to execute effective local marketing campaigns will be critical in 2013 as relevance and personalization of content are now more important than ever.

Marketers face a real challenge moving to more of a local marketing mindset due to functional and philosophical gaps between strategic branding and local marketing.  Perhaps that’s why 93% of those recently surveyed in Gleanster’s Multi-Channel Distributed Marketing study indicated one of the biggest challenges they face is “balancing the conflicting needs of local marketers and corporate marketing.” Distribion, a leading provider of local marketing automation software, recently published a white paper titled “Empowering Local Marketing” where they refer to this as “The Distributed Marketing Challenge.”  Distribion defines the challenge as follows:

The Challenge:

  • Corporate marketing needs compliance, branding, and message control.
  • Local marketing needs personalized / customized messages
  • Both need anytime, anywhere access to marketing assets and multi-channel communication tools.

The Solution:

  • Adopt a multi-channel marketing automation management solution like the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform to seamlessly connect the entire communications chain.
  • Make it easy and cost-effective for local marketing to access compliant, customizable content that can be easily distributed across multiple communication channels such as social, mobile, e-mail and direct mail.
  • Select a system that offers automated messaging, personalization, lead scoring, tracking and reporting.

For more information on how your organization can better localize content and execute local marketing campaigns download the white paper “Empowering Local Marketing – It’s as easy as 1-2-3.”