Reply All: an ebook on Email Marketing – Part 2

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Now that you know the “what” to be incorporated in an email, we can dive into the when, where and how you can effectively create and send powerful email marketing campaigns. Proper email creation will play a crucial role in the development of a successful campaign. Elements such as subject line, content, user experience and design will stand as the base and pillars to your email, strong for when and where your recipient chooses to open it.

But when is the ideal time to send your email to ensure your efforts building and developing it is not in vain?

Lee Clow, advertising guru and co-creator of Apple’s famous 1984 commercial, once said, “you don’t have to create the most interesting thing ever, just the most interesting thing at the moment.” So is true with email. Crafting compelling emails that deliver do not require the most flashy of designs, just one with the right message that fits your audience – at just the right time.

In part two of the Reply All ebook series, we’ll tackle:

  • Email send-time strategies that drive engagement
  • Developing drip campaigns to engage readers when and where they prefer
  • How to break away from the conventional cookie-cutter email marketing routine

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