Targeted Email Marketing

A few weeks ago, I found myself at Old Navy, shopping for a few shirts, shorts and other items to wear on a cruise I was going on. As I approached the checkout, one of the sales reps asked if I wanted to receive an additional 20% off my purchase that I was already receiving a 30% discount on that day. This sparked my interest and out of curiosity, I asked him what would I have to do in return to receive the offer, to which the sales rep replied simply with, “Sign up for the Old Navy credit card.” He assured me that even if I got turned down for credit, I would still receive the 20% discount for trying.

Whether it was because of the sales pitch or excitement for my upcoming voyage, I agreed; either way, I was going to get 50% off my purchase. Cha-ching!

The application process was quite simple; they just collected some basic information like name, address, email address, yearly gross income, and social. Five minutes later, I was out the door with my new clothes and a new credit card.

Building consumer profiles

The next day, I received a promotional email from Old Navy with a discount code exclusive to card holders and featured items that I could mix and match with my recent purchase. From that one transaction, Old Navy built a consumer profile based on my recent shopping experience and was able to send targeted email messaging to keep them top of mind and to build brand loyalty long after I had returned from the cruise.

When a brand segments their email marketing efforts through the use of buyer profiles, they ensure that their message is seen by their ideal consumer. Consumer profiles help organizations target real-world customers based on geography, income and other key demographics.

Email list segmentation also leads to higher open and click-through rates due to the personalized nature of targeting only those who are primed to receive a brand’s message.

Download our latest client success story and discover how an emergency care client implemented buyer profiles to acquire new customers within a several mile radius of two Dallas locations.

Download the client success story

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James recently moved to Dallas with his family after living in Austin for 24 years. His background is in web development and email marketing. He is also experienced in street and guerilla marketing and has run street marketing campaigns for independent films, music and lifestyle brands. James is a graduate of The Art Institute of Austin, where he studied web design and interactive media. He loves working on marketing campaigns that connecting brands to consumers. James also enjoys eating ice cream with chopsticks! Connect with him on Linkedin and Twitter.