Tim Storer, President & CEO of Distribion, a leading provider of multi-channel distributed marketing software solutions, recently provided his thoughts as to why marketers now consider implementing a distributed marketing platform a critical strategic initiative:

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[Tim Storer] I feel that the topic of Distributed Marketing is increasing in popularity mainly because all organizations today have a huge content distribution problem.

With the proliferation and advancements we’ve all seen in communication technology, organizations are almost overwhelmed with how to effectively leverage and control the multiple communication channels and technologies being utilized by their employees, agents, prospects and customers.

This content distribution problem manifests itself in almost all marketing operational areas.  Compliance issues, content assembly and customization issues as well as the inability to get meaningful multi-channel campaign insight.  All of these become pain points for an organization as they work to develop content for and execute through the various communication channels.

Now, if an organization relies on quasi-independent agents, brokers, franchisees or partners to market and sell their products and services these pain points are all amplified considerably.

The pain associated with content distribution is intensifying and organizations have begun to search for and implement marketing distribution systems also known as Distributed Marketing Platforms to overcome this pain.

A Distributed Marketing Platform has the ability to centralize all of an organizations content, control how that content can be customized and then provide the ability to distribute that content across all channels including social media, mobile, web, e-mail, direct mail and more.  By having all of those communications centralized, organizations can drastically improve efficiencies, optimize distribution channels, ensure brand and regulatory compliance, get better insight through a larger aggregated data set, and make better, more informed decisions.