Top Five Distributed Marketing Articles

– Top Five Distributed Marketing Articles From 2012 –

As a continuation from our last blog, we are now ready to list the top 5 distributed marketing articles of 2012.  Numerous topics such as multi-channel marketing, marketing automation, social media marketing and big data certainly grabbed the lion share of marketing strategy headlines in 2012.  Take those juggernaut headline topics and combine them with a rising marketing strategy such as distributed marketing and now you’ve really got everyone’s attention!

Given this, it comes as no surprise to the content writers at that the following articles were among our top five.

(Drumroll please……) The top articles of 2012 are (as calculated by views and distributed marketing topic relevancy) …

5.) What is Distributed Marketing?

4.) New Multi-Channel Marketing Priorities

3.) Social Marketing or Marketing on Social Networks?

2.) What is distributed marketing automation?

1.) Big Data’s Key Ingredient: A Multi-Channel Distributed Marketing Platform