Making Social Local from the LIMRA Social Media Conference presentation


We have to say, we were excited to attend the LIMRA Social Media Conference in Boston, but we had no idea how amazing it would actually be. There is so much innovation in the social media world, and we were thrilled to be able to debut a brand new technology of our own.




The Showcase


Local Marketing Technology Challenges from the LIMRA Social Media Conference presentation


During the conference, Tim Storer, our CEO and Co-Founder, spoke with LIMRA members about the problems facing companies with a distributed, or local, model: … technology is fragmented, brand consistency is hard to maintain, and compliance is all but ignored. But all is not lost, Tim points out in the presentation “Making Social Local: Top Performing Local Marketing Automation & Personalization Strategies.”


The Solution


Top Performing Marketers from the LIMRA Social Media Conference presentation


In fact, specialized solutions for marketing departments can be found, and our newest feature proves that marketers have the ability to take matters into their own hands. On Behalf Of Marketing allows the marketing department to send out marketing message on behalf of authorized local producers with automated customized information for agents.


Making Social Local


Detailed Reporting from the LIMRA Social Media Conference presentation

We have offered On Behalf Of marketing for some time through our marketing communication platform, namely with email, forms & surveys, and microsites. Now we have introduced the social component, and we are excited! We have added Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to the channels marketers can now access to help ensure consistent, compliant corporate messaging and a steady stream of leads and referrals for their sales agents. In addition, detailed reporting is available on local and corporate levels.


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