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According to eMarketer, 86% of digital marketers use email marketing regularly as part of their marketing arsenal to drive sales. Furthermore, email marketing has an incredible 4,300% return on investment and generates $42.08 for every dollar spent (MediaPost). It is no wonder that email marketing has proven time and time again to be the most effective form of digital marketing for brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention.

So you get it… email marketing has great ROI and is the most effective digital marketing channel. But, somehow, your email campaigns aren’t achieving significant open or click through rates. You lay awake at night wondering what the cause is: Design? Messaging? Call to action (CTA)?

You’ve tried everything you can think of, from sending at different times of the day and week, to segmenting your list with the same results: frustratingly low open and click through rates. You keep asking yourself what you can change so your audience wants to read your emails and click through to the next step. The real question you should be asking yourself is… are you following email marketing best practices?

Best practices aren’t just standardizations; they are the tried and true methods for success, the underlying principles of email marketing that take a good campaign to a great one. Emails that follow best practices are engaging, crafted to insure inbox deliverability, and most importantly, they convert!

Distribion’s email marketing specialists have put together an email marketing best practices checklist to follow for outstanding campaign results. Download today and start crafting campaigns that people can’t wait to read!

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James recently moved to Dallas with his family after living in Austin for 24 years. His background is in web development and email marketing. He is also experienced in street and guerilla marketing and has run street marketing campaigns for independent films, music and lifestyle brands. James is a graduate of The Art Institute of Austin, where he studied web design and interactive media. He loves working on marketing campaigns that connecting brands to consumers. James also enjoys eating ice cream with chopsticks! Connect with him on Linkedin and Twitter.