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According to Salesforce, 73% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers believe email marketing is core to their business.  Email builds relationships, gathers customer data, and with an ROI of 119%, it outperforms all digital channels, including social. With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that email marketing is crucial to B2B client acquisition.

Attracting new clients is the life’s blood of marketing departments and agencies. Capturing reader attention is a primary struggle when creating an email campaign that will stand out, get opens, click-throughs and finally convert.

Is B2B email marketing the same as B2C?

B2B marketers face different challenges than B2C marketers, and they must build and manage their email marketing strategy differently. B2B marketers often need to be aware of longer buying cycles, multiple stakeholders and a different sales funnel than B2C marketers usually experience.   These marketers can still follow a set of best practices unique to their customer base to ensure deliverability and maximize campaign performance.

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